Monday, September 17, 2012

Prophet Mohammad

Assalamo Alaikum my Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, and to all non Muslim may Allah guide you all the right direction of your LIFE. Today the Muslim ummah are being tested by their faith and patience, may Almighty Allah guide them to be more patience and follow the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). 

I will continue how our beloved Prophet kind toward his enemies:

One day, the Prophet was sleeping alone under a tree when Dasur, a hostile horseman, arrived by his side. Awakened by the noise, the Prophet opened his eyes and saw a sword, drawn and glistening over his head.

"Who will save thee now?" cried the wild horseman in apparent exultation.
"Allah," was the calm and confident reply of the Prophet (SAW).

The hostile man was awe-struck by the extra-ordinary answer and the sword dropped down from his hand. 

The Prophet got up, seized the sword and said to Dasur: "And who will save thee now?"
 "None" replied the idolatrous warrior.
"No, thee too will my Allah save. Now, take your sword and leave!" said the Prophet.

The astonished warrior turned to go, but did not proceed far when he retraced his steps, came up to the Prophet and embraced Islam.

The battle of Badr was won by the Muslims and a number of the enemy soldiers were taken prisoners by the Prophet. These prisoners were from among those bitterest enemies of the Prophet who, for fourteen long years, had been dogging his footsteps with unrelenting rigor. The prevailing customs at that time were unanimously in favor of either their execution or reducing them into slaves.

But the Prophet (SAW) treated them in an entirely different manner. He exhorted his disciples to entertain the prisoners hospitably and the faithful obeyed their Prophet's words with cheerful alacrity.

"Blessing be on the men of Madinah," said one of these prisoners in later days;  "They made us ride while they themselves walked a foot; they gave us wheaten bread to eat when there was little of it, contenting themselves with dates."

The ethical and religious history of the world presents perhaps but one instance about living up to the idealistic saying:   " LOVE THY ENEMY"

Abdullah bin Ubay was very well known among the Muslim as the "chief of the Hypocrites," and his deep-rooted enmity towards Islam was beyond the shadow of doubt. But he, apparently, used to repeat the Muslim formula of faith and called himself a Muslim. His son, also named Abdullah but a sincere Muslim, on his father's death, came to the Prophet and asked him two favors on behalf of the deceased:
  1. "Firstly, to grant his own shirt for a shroud, and, 
  2. Secondly, to perform the funeral service in person."
For the arch enemy that was Abdullah, such a treatment is asked - a treatment that should be accorded to friends only! But the Prophet's heart was too generous to begrudge a favor even upon a bitter enemy of Islam. He granted both requests and gave his shirt to enshroud the deceased.

When he made ready for the funeral prayers, Umar tried to dissuade him, emphasizing that Abdullad had been a great enemy of the faith. But the Prophet said that he must say prayers over the deceased's body as requested.

On this, Umar further remonstrated, inviting the Prophet's attention to the Quranic verse which says:
"If you should ask forgiveness for them even seventy times, God will not forgive them."
Surah Al Taubah, 9:80

The Prophet said:   "Then I would ask forgiveness more than seventy times" 

Just imagine how our beloved Prophet love his enemy, even oneday he is praying in Makkah some  Quraish put intestine in his back, he never fight them back. He is the best example for all humanity. 

Note: For those who want to know more about our Prophet Muhammad (SAW), his teaching , his character, how he treated to all his wife, and his compassion toward the enemy of Islam. The books are available from any Islamic center, or you can order through the internet. May Allah continue guiding you in the true faith. Ameen.

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